Commodore Amiga CD32 Games Re-Packaged

Old broken cases replaced with DVD style Boxes and Covers


Merry Christmas

Feels like 20 years ago! I got an Amiga CD32 this year for Christmas to replace my old broken one 🎅 🙂 all I need now is to find a way of getting my old saves off the old Amiga so I can continue where I left of in the old Cannon Fodder and Syndicate

Foreshore Walk

love waking Down Here plenty of great memories of my Youth. Cooking Sausages and Toasting Marshmallows  Extra….

The boat in the pictures is the Waverly Paddle Steamer. some Sea Birds Seagulls A Curlew and Some Oyster Catchers, Some Guys that appear to be rowing down the Watter on Surf boards and a close up of some washed up  Flotsam

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